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LOTTE Coralis Vietnam Co., Ltd. – The investor of LOTTE Center Hanoi building cooperates with the Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue (FPFR) Police Department, Ba Dinh District People’s Committee and related units successfully organized a large-scale, professional fire drill.


Ready to improvise for all situations


Attending the fire drill on the morning of May 12, 2023, there were the participation of local authorities, FPFR police forces, General Director of LOTTE Coralis Vietnam, representatives of business leaders in the LOTTE group with the presence of many residents and employees in the building.



The representative of LCH Management Team speaks before the fire drill


According to a hypothetical situation, at about 10:30 a.m., a fire was discovered near the motorbike’s entrance to the building, then spread to the customer’s trolley, causing a complicated fire that caused one employee was suffocated with smoke.


Firefighting actions are taken timely


At the same time, while the customer was in the process of escaping, because he forgot to turn off the power to the iron, a fire broke out on the 7th floor of the building’s towel storage warehouse. Two fires appearing at the same time created a complicated scenario, requiring the firefighters and rescue force to urgently come up with timely and thorough solutions.


As soon as the information was updated, the grassroots fire prevention team reported the fire to the FPFR Police force via number 114, informed to all residents and employees living and working in LOTTE Center Hanoi (LCH) and also called Cong Vi ward police and the emergency center 115 at the very same time.


The fire drill lasts for 20 minutes successfully


At the scene, the LCH management team leader was also present to direct the activities of firefighting, and coordinate in performing tasks as assigned by the Hanoi Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police force. All forces coordinated well, effectively and the fire at both locations was completely extinguished in 30 minutes.


Emphasizing the importance of fire prevention


With the motto of putting the safety of residents and customers first, fire prevention is always the top-of-mind concern of the Management Board of LOTTE Center Hanoi.


Mr. Le Dinh Son – LCH Management Team Leader emphasized: “In order to perform well the fire prevention and fighting work, we always focus on training personnel, investing and periodically renewing modern equipment to ensure early and timely warning whenever a fire breaks out. Simultaneously, we also coordinate with the FPFR police force to practice the solutions and improve the knowledge for our staff.”


Not only that, the LCH Management Board is also care for the fire prevention and fighting of closeby residents in Cong Vi ward. Also in the morning, the representative of LOTTE Center Hanoi also gave fire extinguishers to disadvantaged households.


The General Director of LCH hands over fire extinguishers to needy people


With a constant effort to give residents and customers and local residents a comfortable, classy and safe building image, LOTTE Center Hanoi is proud to be a signature architectural building of Hanoi capital.

54 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

LOTTE CENTER HANOI TEL : +84-24-3333-6000 FAX : +84-24-3333-6003