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On April 12, LOTTE P&D Company Job Fair was held at LOTTE Center Hanoi building in the excitement and suspense of the senior students of Hanoi College of Electronics – Refrigeration.


When attending the Job Fair, students from Hanoi College of Electronics and Refrigeration listened to sharing section about LOTTE corporation in general and LOTTE P&D company in particular. After that, future engineers and technicians will be interviewed directly by the recruitment specialists and technical experts of LOTTE P&D company.


All students join Job Fair with full excitements


Future employees are interviewed by technical experts from LOTTE P&D


After the interview, the students had the opportunity to visit the technical areas of LOTTE Center Hanoi building from the basement to the LOTTE Hanoi Sky Observation Deck on the 65th floor. This was an useful, practical experience for any engineering student. In addition, the Job Fair ends with a visit to the LOTTE Observation Deck, to enjoy the panoramic view of Hanoi city from the altitude of 272m.


Technical areas of LOTTE Center Hanoi building are introduced to all attendants


LOTTE all follows a philosophy of creating lifetime values, those values are not only for customers and partners of LOTTE but also for all employees working at the companies of LOTTE Group.


LOTTE Group in general and LOTTE P&D in particular always strive to create a safe, professional and friendly working environment for employees.

54 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

LOTTE CENTER HANOI TEL : +84-24-3333-6000 FAX : +84-24-3333-6003